Together with you, we empower communities to reclaim humanity by redefining their voice in making decisions, develop, and strengthen social justice by addressing the economic and social inequalities.


At Same Moon, we believe you and I are not so different. Despite our different upbringing, conditioning, habits and current life circumstances, the scope of human experiences is ultimately not that different. We try to survive to the best of our abilities and beyond our differences we are all the same in our humanity. We exist on the same planet, we revolve around the same stars, and we see the same moon.


We believe in a more just and equitable world where everyone lives with dignity and are the authors of their own stories.


Fight for Justice

Ensuring equal access to resources and opportunity, supporting and defending the rights of all people, and eliminating discrimination and oppression is the sole reason why we exist. We ensure smooth communication and work together in a way that lets each voice be heard.

Have Courage

We stand up to power, speak truth, and act with conviction, respect, and integrity. We foster honesty in our interactions with each other, through our partnerships and in the communities where we work. Through our writing, we create opportunities and platforms for people to air their opinions and speak what they believe in.

Be United

To win justice, we must build unity by providing opportunities for diverse groups to come together, be heard, and take collective action. We believe that our strength comes from our unity and that together we have the power to create an amicable society.

Have Respect

Respect is to consider worthy of high regard. We respect all beings, and that’s why we are careful in giving our very best. We want you to feel safe while being part of the conversation.

Be Ambitious

Our eagerness and desire to achieve our goals is our driving force. We keep each other accountable and establish our inner desires to make an impact and transform lives.